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As a partner of our network, you already own a free on-page seo-ready blog. Are you interesting to go your blog faster on top of the search engines and get more chances to grow your earnings?

Welcome to FreeBloggerPro Webmasters Network! 

What you need to know before started, is that we have test everything and they are ready for you!

Here are a few steps to improve your blog posts but always remember that writing your own posts is the best option to bring quality traffic to your blog. 

1. Save as draft the auto-posts and edit them, then manually published!!!
Q: How to save as draft the auto-posts?
A: Go blogger / settings / Email then check "Save emails as draft post" and click save. After that all new posts will be saved as draft.
Q: How to edit them?
A: Go Posts / Draft at each post make the follow edits:
a) Search the title to google images, download 1-2 images to your PC then upload and insert them to your post. (Large is the best size)
b) Add 2-3 labels.
c) Copy the first line of the post and paste it under the "Search Description".
d) Use "Schedule" option which allows you to schedule posts.
Tip: You can also link some words with some other older post or from search results.
Save the post. That's It!

2. Well there is another way which is not recommended but seems to work very good.
Still remember that writing your own posts is the best option to bring quality traffic to your blog.
a) Visit google alerts and search for a keyword e.g. "fashion" then choose to show results at e.g. Spanish.
b) Visit the site and copy all post.
c) Visit google translate, set Spanish to English, paste the text you copy before.
d) Now copy the English text from google translate and paste it to paperrater.com. If the content is unique then just create a new post to your blog and paste it. If it's not unique then use ezrewrite.com and voila...
Now using the steps from the above paragraph you will have a totally unique and well written post.

Here are a few easy "must-do" steps to improve the off-page seo of your blog:

1. Run traffic exchange software to your PC. 
We have tested several different traffic exchange software and the statistics show that these 3 free software are far the best choice specially when you set the right settings.
Q: Why do I need that software?
A: To get thousands people to my blog. Wrong! The reason you need these software is to improve your rankings to searching engines.
That 3 software are provide: thousands unique visits, deep links visits (means low bounce rate), change referrals, countries and more... It's up to you to use them but our opinion is a must use free service!
Tip: Our ready settings use the most common social as referrals. You can also edit the referrals and instead of some social site you use Google keywords. Using this method it will rocket the rankings of your blog but the catch is that you have to change everyday the keywords and the frequency used. So if you have a few minutes everyday, this is a good off-page seo practice.

Do you like to use that software? It's totally Free!
Download teamviewver, contact us and we will connect with your PC and we will install it for you with the right settings! What are the requirements? Windows 7/8/10.

2. Spend time at your social pages. 
Spending time at your social pages it's always worth it. Remember, following people or other pages most of them they will follow you back. Share your own posts (from your social page) with friends and family is a good start. Invite your friends to follow/like your pages. There are several methods you can grow your socials page depends the social site. As an example if you like to grow your Facebook page you can create contests, advertising or also a great tip is to use your Facebook as a page and like/comment other pages posts. Install that tool at your chrome browser (like all) to make your life easier.

3. Advertising
Advertise your blog at the most common sources like Google using Google Adwords service, Facebook or any other source is always worth it but only when you do this right. Targeting the right visitors is the key. Advertising your blog with Google Adwords to bring traffic to your blog with very general visitors it is actually a waste of money. So as an example when you own a blog with e.g. "fashion news" you have to use that exact keyword. A very general keyword like "fashion" could be wasted. Also keep an eye to countries too. Some countries may provide you more quality traffic. Everything has to do with tests, each website/blog/business has it's own needs, so to find your goal at start set a low budget and play around with keywords and countries. Your goal is low bounce rate and returning quality visitors which they implement to your blog (commenting, sharing and general acting).

4. Buy backlinks for your blog
Q: What is backlinks?
A: A backlink for a given web resource is a link from some other website (the referrer) to that web resource (the referent). A web resource may be (for example) a website, web page, or web directory. source: wikipedia

Statistics show that is worth it to buy backlinks but only from high ranking websites! You can find thousands backlinks with a few dollars but normally that websites are not ranked high with the result to damage your blog so it is not worth it. Even to ebay you can find high rank backlinks, pay attention to page rank and alexa.

5. Create manually backlinks for your blog
This is a nice easy tip which can help you grow your rankings and it's takes a few minutes, depends on you how many time you like to spend. First we recommended to install alexa toolbar which is allows you to see each website rank in real time.
a) Open your browser and search on google "leave a reply keyword".(keyword is your blog caregory e.g. fashion)
b) Visit one by one a few websites, check their alexa rank, if it's high then press Ctrl+F copy-paste "leave a reply" then leave your reply plus the link of your blog. This process must take less than 2 minutes to each website if you use copy(Ctrl+c)-paste(Ctrl+v).

6. Submit your blog to search engines frequently. 
It's a good strategy to submit to blog to the most common search engines once a week. Be careful not earlier to avoid spam. Always remember to create a new e-mail account to use because many websites require confirmation and many others send too many e-mails. There are several websites which provide this job for free. Here is a list with a few free tested working sources:

7. As a partner we have already create a sitemap for your blog.
Once a month it's a good practice to visit your blog's search console and update your sitemap using THIS tool. You can check several things at the search console, take a look.

We will keep update frequently this page with new tested and verified methods... Thank you so much.

I have read all the above improvements. Please take me to the next level to read more general techniques.
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